Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (“DEI”)

Promoting diversity within the firm across race, ethnicity, sex, gender, academic backgrounds, life experiences and other considerations, has been a core value since the firm’s inception. We believe that the existence of different and contrasting viewpoints contributes to a more dynamic, informed and creative workplace, which ultimately results in better investment decisions. Aetos’ DEI programs and policies are overseen by the firm’s DEI Committee which is composed of individuals across each of the firm’s functional areas.

As a firm, we actively encourage critical reasoning, intellectual honesty and rigorous debate engendered by diverse backgrounds and experiences. Accordingly, Aetos is committed to recruiting, hiring, training, retaining and promoting a diverse staff. This is evidenced by the make-up of our senior professionals as well as the broader team. Over two-thirds of our staff are women and minorities, including Anne Casscells, Chief Investment Officer and Co-President, who co-founded the firm.