Corporate Responsibility

Aetos is committed to strengthening our communities through firm-sponsored philanthropic and community service activities and raising awareness of relevant social and environmental issues.

Aetos’ Commitment to Building our Communities
Aetos has a history of supporting volunteerism and philanthropy. Our community service activities have included restoring public parks, painting murals in schools, participating in cancer walks and packing and donating backpacks filled with school supplies for students in need. Our philanthropic activities have included supporting those serving in the armed forces by donating food and personal care items to troops stationed abroad, providing holiday gifts to families and children from low-income communities, organizing virtual food drives to sponsor local food banks, as well as donating to relief efforts in connection with natural disasters. Moreover, Aetos’ Volunteer Engagement Committee coordinates volunteering opportunities for the broader team, including firmwide, small group, and individual activities.

Aetos also provides paid time off to employees who participate in charitable service projects. During 2020, we increased paid time off to allow our employees to help organizations serving those who were most affected by the pandemic, and subsequently made permanent that higher level of volunteer time.

Aetos’ Focus on Important Social Issues
Aetos will take a stance in supporting social justice issues addressing systemic racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination. Accordingly, we have issued statements in support of multiple marginalized communities and created resource guides intended to further our collective understanding of racism in our country and provide ways to support affected communities.

Moreover, led by the Volunteer Engagement Committee, Aetos established a matching donation program in 2020 for COVID-19 and social justice-focused organizations. In 2021, we expanded and made permanent our matching donation program to match all charitable donations of our employees up to a specified amount.

Aetos’ Commitment to Green Initiatives
Aetos is focused on being environmentally-aware and has sought ways to better protect the environment by reducing our consumption and waste in our offices. Accordingly, we implemented and actively maintain a number of green initiatives, including both energy-saving and recycling practices.